For many years now, Americans have believed that organic foods were healthier than food grown using conventional methods, but is that the reality?

100% Organic lies

All across the United States people are looking for ways to improve their health.  They want to have more energy, get sick less often and improve their overall quality of life.  For many years now, Americans have believed that organic foods were healthier than food grown using conventional methods.  Those people might be very upset to find out that there really isn’t any difference between the organic Gala apple they just bought at Whole Foods and the regular apples readily available at the corner Walmart. Well, other than the fact that the organic ones cost twice as much.


Why do most people buy organic? They believe that:

  • Organic farming is better for the environment
  • Organic foods are safer (no pesticides)
  • Organic foods taste better
  • Organic foods are more nutritious

The problem is that each of these strongly held beliefs are based in very shrewd marketing done by the organic farmers and organic food purveyors. Of course these organic food sellers want to make their products look amazing, can you really blame them?  After all, the organic food industry brings in over $60 billion a year worldwide.  Then again, there is that pesky little issue in such that there is ZERO science showing any of these concepts are correct.

Shocking?  Maybe a little. Especially if you tend to believe everything you hear.  Wink wink.

The thought that organic farmers don’t use pesticides or that the ones they do use are somehow magically better for the environment is a very commonplace belief, but it is not only completely wrong but oddly enough, the polar opposite is true.  Organic farming, as per USDA regulations, is allowed to use “natural” pesticides to kill off insects, weeds and other pests that might damage a crop.  The difference between “natural” pesticides and synthetic pesticides lies in their effectiveness, not their toxicity.  The reality is that natural pesticides are less effective and therefore a larger amount of them must be used to accomplish the same goal of keeping the crops growing.  Kinda goes against the whole idea stuck in most people’s minds huh?

How about that whole “safety” issue?  Well it turns out that even someone like Katherine DiMatteo, executive director of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), admits that an “organic label does not promise a necessarily safer product."  Her words, not mine.

Do organic foods taste better?  On the whole, blind taste tests have proven the opposite.  With conventional farming techniques, fruits and vegetables are able to grow larger and tend to have higher concentrations of natural sugars, which in most cases translates to better taste.  Things aren’t looking so good for the organic foods. 

Well, at the very least organic foods are far more nutritious for you, right???  Well… I know I have been a serious bummer throughout this entire article, but my job is to tell you the truth, even when it hurts a little.  Stanford University did a meta-analysis on the subject and their findings?  Nope, sorry, organic foods aren’t more nutritious than foods farmed with conventional methods.  Darn!

So, am I trying to convince you to stop buying organic kale for your next salad?  Heck no!  I am just trying to let people know that when you are looking to improve your overall health, you don’t have to break the bank buying a $5 banana because you think it’s somehow magically better for you.  Eating healthy can be affordable for everyone.  Don’t believe the hype!

So you think you can handle an athletic woman huh?  If you really think you’re up for the challenge, you might want to run through this list and if you can make it all the way through without dying, maybe you can try your luck with one of those badass crossfit ladies or girls squatting 225 deeper than you can.

10 things you should consider and accept before dating an athletic girl

So you think you can handle an athletic woman huh?  If you really think you’re up for the challenge, you might want to run through this list and if you can make it all the way through without dying, maybe you can try your luck with one of those badass crossfit ladies or girls squatting 225 deeper than you can.


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  1. She is going to be on a very strict diet that will not be shaken by your pleas to go have a beer at Yard House…even if it’s just one. Or maybe she‘s bulking and will be eating a lot…likely enough to put your sissy pants stomach to shame.


  1. If she is bulking to put on some muscle, you cannot..I mean cannot inform her of how her belly seems to be protruding more than usual. Unless you plan on sleeping alone for a while. Muscle does not come without some sacrifice to that tight little waistline. So give her some space and soon enough she will switch her routine to add more cardio to burn off that extra love handle.


  1. Do not ever tell her “I think you look great but please don’t get too manly” She just might drop kick you in the jaw…with her manly foot. If you don’t care for the muscular build, go find a runway model


  1. Accept that she will probably be wearing a sports bra at any given point on any given day and maybe to bed if she particularly exhausted. The dainty sexy Victoria Secret lace bra will likely be put away in the do not disturb drawer.

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  1. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when you see that she can outrun you, out rep you or even out push-up you. She’s still a woman and your still a man…see I said it so you feel better right?

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  1. If she is upset or moody, back the hell off. She is probably hungry and if your meaty finger gets too close you will probably lose it. Best idea is to ask her if you can get her something to eat, or make her a protein shake. That’s always helps. Strawberries are always a good option too…just sayin


  1. Yes we have technologically advanced fabrics with wick sweat. However, sweating is a natural process even in the crotch…oh yes boys we sweat down there too… leave it alone, stop staring and if you point it out be prepared to deal with the aftermath….again, I’ll go with she’s probably hungry.


  1. Along with her super cute racerback sports bras, she will be taking a HUGE interest in sneakers. And yes, sneakers in EVERY color known to man. If you are a heel guy, you’ll have to either take up an interest in florescent footwear or fetch yourself a Victoria Secret magazine.


  1. Expect that she will not want to stay out too late or she will happily go home without you. This girl is dedicated to her routine and will go to great lengths to get that perfect Instagram shot of her newly formed biceps like actress Gal Gatdot showing off as she prepares for her new role as Wonderwoman in Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman film.


  1. Remember that she is doing this for her. Don’t give her a hard time and don’t expect that she will stop because you can’t drag your lazy ass to the gym with her…sorry that was mean…I digress. Appreciate her motivation and enthusiasm to be the best she can be. After all you are the one who gets to reap the benefits right?





Healthy couple 
It's not always glitter and sunshine in healthy relationships...but here are some key things to look for if you want to keep it healthy.

10 Things Healthy Couples Do Together


healthy couplecredit

  1. Their own thing! Let’s be real here folks, I could go on and on about the idealist fantasies that every twenty something wants to believe that will happen when they get married but the reality is, we all do our own thing in the end. We will spend every waking moment together as newlyweds and will make a concerted effort to engage in shared activities but in the end we may love our significant other but we love our personal space even more.
  2. Healthy couples compromise. Especially on the little things like temperature. Typically one is cold and the other is hot, so how do we fix this and make everyone happy? Well sometimes I freeze and sometimes he sweats. It’s a give and take and not always a “take “on my side. Give in a little and you’ll both be happier for it.
  3. They accept that their partner has a different point of view. Every couple is different and every person has a unique set of standards and moral beliefs that they abide by. Sure we can force our partner to abide by our standards but is that something we do “together” or is it something we do in spite of the other? Some couples seek help from a couple’s therapist to agree on a set of standards or “rules” if you will for their marriage. This is very healthy and certainly something a healthy couple would gladly engage in so that their marriage doesn’t fall victim to the “well we just couldn’t get it together and always disagree” pitfall.
  4. Healthy couples accept that relationships are not all peaches and cream. Sometimes a relationship is a kick in the gut that makes you want to dry heave …too heavy? Sorry but it’s the truth. Couples hurt each other, period. You are a liar if you think you have never hurt your partner to the point that they feel that deep throbbing pain in the pit of their stomach. However, healthy couples realize they are human and make mistakes. They accept the heartfelt apology from their partner and learn to grow into better people, TOGETHER.
  5. OK its getting kinda heavy so we shall lighten it up a bit now. Healthy couples don’t care about the changes that happen to their partner’s body as they age. We age, we ALL age. Sure men are congratulated with grey hair and wrinkles and put on the People Magazine sexiest man alive list for it, but come on fellas, your partner sees it and she loves you enough to not care. Just as she appreciates that you don’t mention that her ass hangs a good two inches lower than it did last year and you can see cheek sweat creases now. Trust and believe we know, we know.
  6. Healthy couples will try to find TV shows or activities that they both can enjoy and they will do their darndest to make sure that show or activity has precedence over their own personal preferences. This goes with the caveat that it is not during a sports season. See their guys, I got your back.

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  1. Healthy couples have come to the understanding that they do not have to sleep in each other’s faces throughout the night. I don’t need to breath your stank breath and you don’t need to breath mine. Most couples who have been in a long relationship have found their comfy spot and this may be using separate blankets, one prefers to be by the alarm or wall, or maybe back to back is the preferred position.  And remember, just because I snuggled his sweaty back for half the night does not mean he needs to return the favor and end up with a dead arm and jacked up neck trying to cuddle me…although I do like it… hint hint
  2. Healthy couples are ok with walking into the bathroom while the other is doing their biz, however they understand that the other may not ever be ok with it and it’s cool. Personally I can walk in on my husband and he doesn’t even flinch. I can have a conversation with him while he is in the middle of a battle with his “tight-end” (my little football joke), and not a thought of it. However he knows I only claim to release pixie dust from my rear end so there will be no walking in on my bathroom time. We have come to a nonverbal understanding and frankly I think he would prefer it that way too.
  3. Healthy Couples find time to enjoy each other and make each other laugh. They say laughing is the key to a happy life right? They are not afraid to be silly in front of each other, look a fool if necessary. These couples find that sometimes it’s best to be the goof and be vulnerable in order to make their partner comfortable. We have a have bad day, why not act a fool sometimes and let your partner laugh at you. If it makes them happy it will make you happy.
  4. Although this phrase is tossed around (mostly by men) to instigate the cow eye look from their partner, “happy wife, happy Life” is much truer than you may think. However I would like to change it to “happy partner happy life” but that doesn’t sound as cool or catchy. And it certainly doesn’t elicit a “yeah you better remember that” from the wife either. So my point is, healthy couples make this a priority. If my partner is happy I will be happy. I can do my own thing,  I can compromise, I can accept they have a different point of view, I can accept that my wife’s ass is falling below the equator, I can sleep on my own side of the bed, AND I can have a happy life because I ensure my partner is happy.


There you have it. It’s not sexy, it’s not fantasy or dreamy…its reality. 


Just cause we are girls, doesn’t mean we don’t do some pretty gnarly things….in private and sometimes in public. 

10 disgusting things girls do and hope you never find out

Sugar and spice and everything nice.  Yeah, right!  Who do you really think you’re kidding?  Just cause we are girls, doesn’t mean we don’t do some pretty gnarly things….in private and sometimes in public.  See how many of these YOU will admit to ladies or you have witnessed guys.


  1. Let’s just get this out of the way right now, all girls pick their noses. We all wake up with a dry schnoz and if you think I’m waiting until you get out of the bathroom to go blow my nose like a lady, you must be crazy. And God forbid the car windows are not tinted…I’ll leave it at that. 
  2. We fart…there I said it. We fart. And sometimes they are LOUD. But you will never hear it. It’s like a mystical creature that only comes out in the cover of darkness…or when we are sleeping and can’t control it…sorry . Most of the time we let loose a little puff of glitter. Pixie dust and sunshine exits our rear ends and our panties whisper…or at least that’s what we like to think it’s like.
  3. We hate, I mean hate, shaving. Shaving our legs, armpits and nether regions of course. If we can get away with it, we will put off shaving as long as possible. If it’s winter and I get to wear pants every day, don’t be surprised if my legs look like a chia pet should you happen to catch a glance.
  4. We rarely if ever wash our bras. I don’t know why but it seems to be an acceptable practice to take it off and through it right back in the drawer for tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day. You get my drift. Don’t tell me you haven’t re-worn a pair of briefs from time to time.
  5. Oh and my personal favorite, we pee in the shower. I cannot tell you why but I will hold it UNTIL I get in the shower just to do it.


  1. Don’t you just love a girl who doesn’t care about getting all dolled up but feels comfortable in sweats and a tee-shirt with her hair swept back in a ponytail? Oh now that girl really has a strong sense of self, right? Super sexy right? Na, she’s’ just too lazy to do her laundry, probably sleeps on the clean laundry days before folding it, and that hair swept back in the ponytail? Putting your greasy hair in a ponytail means your hygiene preparation is complete.
  2. We don’t always use the toilet covers in public bathrooms. Particularly after a hard leg day at the gym, I simply cannot hold myself up in the stall. Shaky legs means pee down my leg and potentially on the inside of the undies that are too close to the toilet as it is. When you gotta go you gotta go. If there are droplets of pee from the previous shaky leg squatter, I’ll grab a bit of toilet paper and wipe it up. Finally with my ultraviolet germ vision I’ll examine the area and determine if it is now safe to sit on. Na, I just don’t care and nether do most women.
  3. Back to toilet paper for a second. Sometime her period comes unexpectedly and if she is not prepared, her local toilet stall is. She will go all DIY on that issue (haha) and roll a fist full of the ol’ TP and make a nice little maxi of her own. This is particularly gross for her, so if you happen to find little tiny rolled pieces of toilet paper crumbles leaving a trail on the floor from her pant leg, please be kind and shut your trap.
  4. Applying makeup every morning is just so tedious that sometimes we think that it would be a hell of a lot easier to simply re-apply what rubbed off overnight. Why not? You don’t know that is it three day old mascara. Since when have you looked at a woman and said to yourself “Jeeze her lashes seem a bit thick today, maybe she should have used an eyelash comby thingy”. That’s what I thought, never.
  5. Isn’t it weird how the stuff between your toes smells like cheese? Yeah well we’ve experienced that too. Why there is a natural curiosity to rub your fingers between your toes and then smell it is beyond me, but we’ve all done it…admit it!

OK I’m done telling on myself and my fellow females. Maybe this will give you a better appreciation for your lady and see that yes she is perfect although she is human…and perfect.


Squats have been the topic of many fitness blogs, forums, articles, videos and social media posts, especially in the past few years.

Roni's Super Squats

Squats have been the topic of many fitness blogs, forums, articles, videos and social media posts, especially in the past few years. Everyone has their own opinion on the best squat, the best form for said squat and how their squat will absolutely transform ANY booty if done right. With that being said, I don’t for a second believe that I know what will work for everyone or their physical capabilities to perform the perfect squat.

However, I do have a series of four squat variations that most people can do to some degree or another and with practice can achieve the correct form and begin to see the benefits to their rear end. Simple and effective but most importantly, these can be done anywhere and without gym equipment…that right there is a bonus in my mind. So please enjoy my SUPER squats!


Try starting out with 10 repetitions of each of the four exercises. Gradually progress until you can do 3 sets of each with 10 repetitions.



The suitcase squat is a multi-joint, lower body strength exercise that targets the quads, hamstrings and glutes. This squat will also improve balance and stability throughout the core and on both sides of the body. To perform this squat place feet shoulder-width apart with two kettle bells at your sides. Push your hips back and squat down until your thighs are parallel to floor, heels flat on the ground, chest up, and knees out. Pause and return to starting position. Repeat

 Roni’s tips:

  1. Do not let your heels come off the floor during the squat.
  2. Do not let your knees rotate inward.
  3. Do not let your back curve forward, keep it as flat as possible


The sumo squat is a lower body strength exercise. The wide stance emphasizes the muscles of the inner thigh. The movement also allows for use of heavier resistance loads vs. the traditional squat. To perform the sumo squat place feet wider-than-shoulder-width apart and your toes slightly turned out. Maintain a straight posture with your  head up. Squat down until your thighs are slightly less than 90 degrees parallel to your calves. Raise back up by pushing the floor with the heel of your feet. Repeat

 Roni’s tips:

  1. Do not let your heels lose contact with the floor as you squat.
  2. Do not let your knees cave inward.
  3. Do not round your lower back as you squat


The jump squat is an exercise that increases explosive lower-body power and strength throughout the legs while also improving core stability. To perform the jump squat stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down and touch the ground with your hands. Engage your core and jump up explosively with your hands reaching as high as possible over your head. Repeat.

 Roni’s tips:

  1. Avoid leaning too far forward.
  2. Make sure you drive through your heels and not your toes.



The goblet squat is a lower-body exercise that increases strength throughout the legs. Due to the position of the weight, the exercise also strengthens the shoulders and core while improving posture and hip mobility. To perform the goblet squat hold a kettlebell by the horns close to your chest. Keeping your head and chest up and back straight, squat down between your legs until your hamstrings are on your calves and the crease of your hip drops below the knee with the tops of your thighs parallel to the floor. At the bottom position, extend your hips and knees to return to the starting position. Repeat

 Roni’s tips:

  1. Keep your chest up and your back flat throughout the movement.
  2. Do not let your knees cave inward toward each other.
  3. Hold the kettlebell vertically in front of your chest.


Try doing these squats bringing your butt down as low as possible. Think about how a baby squats and mimic that.

Urban Dictionary describes Fit Shaming as “claiming that people who are active, healthy and God forbid have the slightest care about their physical appearance are terrible, shallow people.

Fit Shaming

 Three years ago you might have heard about Maria Kang…well, that’s if you had been diligent in your social media news coverage. Maria faced some severe backlash for a picture she posted on facebook showing off her toned torso with her three young children standing beside her with the caption: “What’s Your Excuse?”


Fast forward to today and you have more than likely seen so many of these types of picture that it would not even have registered as being “offensive.” —I suppose in 2013 we were not ready for the onslaught of Instagram “Fit to Inspire” and “Gym Motivation” picture quotes.


Well back to Maria, the post generated more than 16 million views and over 30k comments, and believe me, not all of those comments were to congratulate her for having such a great body or beautiful kids. In fact, criticism ranged from claims of photoshopping to being a bad parent to accusations that she was actually fat shaming others with her no excuse quote.



Since then other moms have undeservingly taken heat for their own photos showing pride in their lifestyle as a fit mom who will not hide because you don’t like seeing it. Lea-ann Ellison a pregnant crossfit mom, posted a picture of herself lifting heavy weights two weeks before her due date.

Many people raged at this photo and accused her of being irresponsible and putting her baby at risk in order to be seen as a “hot mom.” Needless to say, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and said on her Facebook page “I hope to inspire other ladies to be healthy and fit while pregnant and after. If you don’t like it, sit your ass on a couch and eat a donut.”


British mom, Abby Pell, was the next high profile victim of the shame game after she posted a picture of herself and 6-year-old daughter on Instagram captioned “I have a kid, a six pack, and no excuses.” She was called shameless and was said to be “exploiting her motherhood to show off.” Her response to the criticism was that her objective was not to belittle but rather encourage.


And just four weeks ago another tragic attack of the shamers was aimed at Sarah Stage, a 30 year old model in Los Angeles. For what you ask??? For being too skinny to be pregnant. Accused of putting herself above the needs of her unborn child in order to continue her career.


Here’s my take on the situation:

This is ridiculous nonsense! Since when has it been ok to fat shame someone on social media who is posting a picture of themselves gorging on a giant, New-York-sized pizza and a large diet Pepsi when clearly they need not be? It’s not! You just keep scrolling, go about your way as to not look like a total douche for saying something we all wish we could. Unfortunately “Fit shaming” is seen by those of the “not-so-fit” population as ok to partake in. The thought process is “well these people are only doing it to be seen and noticed anyhow so I’m just fulfilling their wishes. You have been duly noticed and duly shamed.” Really guys?

Urban Dictionary describes Fit Shaming as “claiming that people who are active, healthy and God forbid have the slightest care about their physical appearance are terrible, shallow people. This makes it more acceptable to eat cake all day and never see the light of day or walk anywhere. This practice of shaming was made up by the larger members of society who have less self-esteem and try to make it look out of the norm to be fit and healthy. This kind of practice makes it seem more normal for someone to be on a scooter at age 30 with no joint problems compared to someone who regularly goes to the gym.” Interesting observation Urban Dictionary.

 So now why would I say to “Keep Fit Shaming, You’re Making Me Famous?” Take a little peek at the social media pages of any one of these ladies I just told you about. Miss Maria with the three kids and fantastic abs, well she just released her new book “The No Excuses Diet” and has mobilized 37k women in 300 locations in 25 countries into “No Excuse” mom groups.

Oh and did I mention she has over 315k Facebook followers and over 46k Instagram followers. Maria was just on NBC’s Today show this past week to talk about her new found fame, book, and groups and told TODAY that “I am absolutely glad I put that picture up there.”

 Remember Lea-Ann Ellison, the 8 month pregnant crossfitter? Well, she is now working on baby number four and guess what? Yep, still in the gym and posting pictures of it. Shocker now isn’t it?

 Abby Pell the British mum now goes by “superabs” and has an Instagram following of over 40k.  And despite the hate mail, she said she has no regrets about posting the picture. “On reflection, I can see why it caused a little controversy,” she told People. “I could have picked a different caption, true, but would I have reached as many people if I did?”

 And finally, mother-to-be Sarah Stage has already in just a few weeks grown her Instagram following to over 1.4 million! I’m sure landing any modeling work will be no issue in the future thanks to all the haters.


healthy eating on a budget

If you have problems serving healthy foods because of the prices, you'll find these tips to be just what you need to eat healthy on a budget.

Eating Healthy On A Budget

healthy eating on a budget

 If you have problems serving healthy foods because of the prices, you'll find these tips to be just what you need to eat healthy on a budget.


1. Eliminate junk food

Doing your shopping on your own is the easiest way to shop, as children and sometimes spouses are usually the ones requesting junk food. Shopping alone will prevent this, and ensure that you only buy the foods you need.


2. Water or milk instead of soft drinks

You can still enjoy your favorite drinks at a sporting event or night out, although you should stick with the smallest size when shopping to save money and calories. Children and even adults need milk or milk products on a daily basis. Milk will also help you get strong and provides calcium for healthy bones and healthy teeth.


3. Buy fruits in quantity

When they are in season, buy fruits in quantity and freeze any extras. You can buy several pounds this way, and freeze extras to have them when the fruit goes out of season. Wash the fruit well, remove any spoiled pieces, dry thoroughly, then freeze in plastic zipper bags.


4. Meats and beans

Meats and beans are the best sources for protein. Lean meat is more expensive than meats with a lot of fat. Canned beans are a great deal as well, as they give you protein at a great price.


5. Beans as a substitute

You should use beans a substitute for meat on a frequent occasion. There are several varieties, so you can prepare them in a crock pot, so when you return home they are ready to consume.

The USDA recommends eating beans at least 4 times per week. If you experience gas after eating beans you should try washing them, covering them with water, bringing the water to a boil, then draining it off and refilling the pot.


6. If you live in a coastal area or an area

where fish are around, make that an integral part of your diet. You can catch them from the lakes or rivers, saving money in the process.


7. Peanut butter is great for those on a budget

as it's popular with almost everyone. You can use it for sandwiches instead of eating hot dogs. It does need to be refrigerated, although bigger jars can last you for weeks.


8. You should fill up with foods that have a high content of water.

Watermelon, salads, and even sugar free gelatin are all great examples.


9. BONUS - To really save on money, buy in bulk and meal prep for the whole week.

 Making food at home and taking it with you not only saves money but it also ensures you know exactly what you are putting in your body. Try one of the multi-purpose Fitmark Transporter Totes that we have in our shop!



Eating healthy is always something you can't go wrong with. You can eat healthy for just a few bucks, which makes it perfect for those on a budget. Now, you don't need a lot of money to have the lifestyle and health you've always wanted.


If you have problems serving healthy foods because of the prices, you'll find these tips to be just what you need to eat healthy on a budget. Check out our 8 tips for eating on a budget!

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