10 things you should consider and accept before dating an athletic girl

So you think you can handle an athletic woman huh?  If you really think you’re up for the challenge, you might want to run through this list and if you can make it all the way through without dying, maybe you can try your luck with one of those badass crossfit ladies or girls squatting 225 deeper than you can.


  1. She is going to be on a very strict diet that will not be shaken by your pleas to go have a beer at Yard House…even if it’s just one. Or maybe she‘s bulking and will be eating a lot…likely enough to put your sissy pants stomach to shame.


  1. If she is bulking to put on some muscle, you cannot..I mean cannot inform her of how her belly seems to be protruding more than usual. Unless you plan on sleeping alone for a while. Muscle does not come without some sacrifice to that tight little waistline. So give her some space and soon enough she will switch her routine to add more cardio to burn off that extra love handle.


  1. Do not ever tell her “I think you look great but please don’t get too manly” She just might drop kick you in the jaw…with her manly foot. If you don’t care for the muscular build, go find a runway model


  1. Accept that she will probably be wearing a sports bra at any given point on any given day and maybe to bed if she particularly exhausted. The dainty sexy Victoria Secret lace bra will likely be put away in the do not disturb drawer.

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  1. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when you see that she can outrun you, out rep you or even out push-up you. She’s still a woman and your still a man…see I said it so you feel better right?

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  1. If she is upset or moody, back the hell off. She is probably hungry and if your meaty finger gets too close you will probably lose it. Best idea is to ask her if you can get her something to eat, or make her a protein shake. That’s always helps. Strawberries are always a good option too…just sayin


  1. Yes we have technologically advanced fabrics with wick sweat. However, sweating is a natural process even in the crotch…oh yes boys we sweat down there too… leave it alone, stop staring and if you point it out be prepared to deal with the aftermath….again, I’ll go with she’s probably hungry.


  1. Along with her super cute racerback sports bras, she will be taking a HUGE interest in sneakers. And yes, sneakers in EVERY color known to man. If you are a heel guy, you’ll have to either take up an interest in florescent footwear or fetch yourself a Victoria Secret magazine.


  1. Expect that she will not want to stay out too late or she will happily go home without you. This girl is dedicated to her routine and will go to great lengths to get that perfect Instagram shot of her newly formed biceps like actress Gal Gatdot showing off as she prepares for her new role as Wonderwoman in Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman film.


  1. Remember that she is doing this for her. Don’t give her a hard time and don’t expect that she will stop because you can’t drag your lazy ass to the gym with her…sorry that was mean…I digress. Appreciate her motivation and enthusiasm to be the best she can be. After all you are the one who gets to reap the benefits right?






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