Due to the current situation with the virus, our inventory is very limited and we hope to be back to normal soon. 



For Fiber, Drakon, Exit 75, BJX, Zodiac and Santo Rosario leggings, the size fits most women in the small to medium range.  S/M  0-6 (US)

Exit 75 LARGE will fit most women size 8 to 12 and men up to 34" waist (comfortably)

For Exit 75 and S2 Activewear superhero UNISEX leggings the size will fit a small woman to a med sized man. Large or very tall men, please be advised that they do stretch as you can see in the photos, but they will be tight.

 Fiber: Inseam stretch to 34" waist 12" (laying flat not stretched)

Drakon: Inseam stretch to 34" waist 12" (laying flat not stretched)

Exit 75: Inseam stretch to 34" Two waist sizes available (S/M and LARGE)

BJX: Inseam stretch to 32" waist 12" (laying flat not stretched)

Zodiac: Inseam stretch to 30" waist 12" (laying flat not stretched) (this style is very short)

Santo Rosario: Inseam stretch to 30" waist 12" (laying flat not stretched) (this style is very short)

S2 Activewear: Inseam stretch to 34 " waist 12" (laying flat not stretched)

 Standard Sizing Guide:

 S/M   0-6 (US)

M/L   6-10 (US)

L/XL  10-14 (US)